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RE:questions on buying used Audis...

In a note dated Dec 2, 1996, Steve Valin asks:

>1.  I've been looking at '86-'87 4000Q's and noticed that they
> all use KE-Jetronic...snip...How reliable is it?
Not sure about the injection system...but the 4ksq's I have owned (3 of em)
have all been among the most reliable cars (out of around 30 or so) I have
ever owned...period!
>2.  Does anyone have any pointers to articles on how to tweak these engines
from >this era?  How about things to look for when looking to buy a '85-'87
Tweek options from what I can tell are almost non-existant without going into
major projects...and then you may as well do a turbo motor transplant (and I
am begining to think maybe that is a good option after all-though not cost
effective). The things to look for in general are;condition-try to find as
perfect an example as you can, records-well documented good maintenance
practices can speak volumes for a high miles used car of any type. Recent
suspension renovation is nice-or plan on doing it yourself...aside from that
they seem to just keep on goin'...prolly the most reliable q money can
buy-and they're cheap now!
>3.  For the '88-'91 80's and 90's...snip...What's the difference between
these two models?
Nothing except trim levels...these cars are otherwise the same.
>4.  Does the 20V engine have any identifying labels?  Is it a twin cam?  Are
the >plugs in the center instead of the side? I looked at a 200 at a local
saturn dealer >that was supposedly a '91, but the engine looked the same as
the 10V one.  I >thought '91's used the 20V engine.
Lotta questions in this one; 20V is obvious by the aluminum valve cover with
related nomenclature embosments. Yes, it is twin cam. Can't recall
plugs...think center but maybe confused. '91 200 was only 20V turbo if
quattro (I think) otherwise was 10V turbo.
>5.  Given the choice between an '86 4000Q and an '86 5000 turbo (non Q),
which would you prefer?  While I currently live in the SF bay area, I plan to
move to the Sierra foothills in the next few years.
Umm...well having owned both (and living in the same area FWIT), I would like
to own both. Given the choice if I only could keep one (raw deal) I would opt
for the 4ksq if maintenance expense (due to expensive failures) was a
considoration, or if my personal prefernce leaned towards lighter and more
nimble handling-which it does (and I could live with a smaller car!). I would
lean towards the 5ksctq from the raw performance side though (and if I
required more room.

Hope this answers your questions...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq