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'90-'91 Coupe quattro FAQ, was Advice on buying 90' quattro coupe

My Coupe quattro is (so far, fingers crossed, bowing to the all-seeing
Audi Gods) quite reliable. 100K miles? Just getting broken in, make sure
you change the oil!! US$7500 is a good price if all is OK, beware the
20v motor raises prices, significantly in some cases. Get an independent
inspection from a knowledgeable Audi mechanic if you are serious. The
US$60-200 you spend will be the best investment you make in this car! My
first impression is to go for it, and here is more info, so you can make
a better decision:

>Things to look for:
1. Leaks in steering gear. Pentosin (special mineral oil based steering
gear fluid, do _NOT_, I repeat _NOT_, use plain old power steering gear
fluid) on rack, pump or ground. Big bucks for new rack, like US$1600
list, but reman can be found for around US$350, pump new is like US$250,
but there is a rebuild kit available. Common to some Audis of this

2. Bad hydraulic pressure accumulator (aka "bomb", for its resemblance
to a Rocky and Bullwinkle gift from Boris and Natasha) - signs are a)
brake warning lite stays on 20-30 secs after car started, or b) goes on
after getting deep into brakes with engine on. US$250-ish for a new one,
PITA to replace. Common to most Audis of this vintage with hydraulic

3. A/C leaks, losing all R12 refrigerant. Could be Big Bucks for hoses,
but most often seen on the qlist is the condenser, which I got welded
for US$30, total repair including locate leak, weld, fill for around
US$220. Common to some Audis of this vintage.

4. Clutch master or slave cylinder not cylindering. Symptom on my Coupe
was clutch pedal wouldn't return all the way to rest position, needed
encouragement from my toe. Each cylinder new is about $60-70, there are
>rebuild kits available, and sometimes just changing the brake fluid will
bring them back to life. Common to some Audis of this vintage.

>5. Stressed rubber bits (suspension bushings, engine/trans/rear diff/front
>and rear subframe mounts) going away, some form of rubber Alzheimer's, and
>not doing their little bit. Just doesn't feel like a new Audi. Car will feel
>*like new* when you replace them. Depends on how bad for how much. Common to
>most Audis of this vintage.

>6. Exhaust donuts died, letting exhaust rest on driver's side rear halfshaft,
>wearing a hole thru exhaust. Exhaust is stainless steel, so you can get it
patched, and get 3 new chain reinforced donuts from Techtonics for US$6
>each. Unique to Coupes.

7. Rear hatch squeaks. Fix is at best free, adjustment or lube, at worst
short $$ for new latch pins. Unique to Coupes.

8. Loose inner tie rod ends - squirrelly and some clunks turning at low
speed. Free fix, just a 15mm (I think) wrench. Also alignment, check
tire wear. Unique to Coupes.

>9. Electrical switch lights burnt out. Switches are typically around US$60
>each, to fix a US$1 bulb available from Radio Shaft, for which there are
descriptions of "how to" in the archives. Common to most Audis of this

10. Right front wheel bearing died. Replacement quote from dealer was
over US$550, US$250 for bearing and US$300 for hub. Got the bearing for
US$60, didn't need hub, replaced for US$60. Common to some Audis of this
>There were at least four major upgrades:
>1. Airbag, not sure when they arrived, Glenn Lawton says pre-9/89 build date
>(sticker on the door jamb of the driver's door), but fairly obvious knee bar
>under steering wheel on airbag cars, package shelf there on bomb-less ones.
>2. Tubular stainless steel header changed to a cast iron manifold starting
>with chassis number 13611 (according to parts fiche).
>3. Sway bars changed from just a front to front and rear starting with
>chassis number 3682 (also according to parts fiche).
>4. The sunroof changed from steel to smoked glass, with the 1991 model year,
>according to Glenn Lawton.
>5? US Coupes have an anti-theft system, I think Canadian versions don't. This
>is speculation, based on the fact that one of the guys I work with bought one
>after he saw mine, it has no anti-theft, and we think it's of Canadian

>I paid US$11K for mine in August 1995, with 63K miles, new tires and the 60K
service completed. I think that was fair verging on high (bought it from
>a <gasp> dealer). Mine was not spotless, but was in good shape, with a pretty
>spiff aftermarket stereo. Others have recently gone for about US$8K (tons of
>miles, *not* spotless) to US$16K (immaculate, engine tweaked, upgraded
>suspension, bigger wheels/tires).
>There were only 1730 imported to the US (according to AoA, not sure about
>Canada), so if you find one that looks good for a fair price, jump on it.

HTH, and I'm not too late. Good luck, the Coupe is a complete blast to
drive and own!

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
quattro Owners Club member P877

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., West Newton, MA, USA

>From: 	P. HADDOCK[SMTP:phaddock@NMSU.Edu]
>Subject: 	Advice on buying 90' quattro coupe
>	I have come across a 90' 20V quattro coupe w/ 100k miles for 
>$7500.  The car was maintained by the local Audi dealer and is in good 
>condition.  Is there anything I should pay close attention to for this 
>model?  With a 100k miles should I be worried about reliability?  How 
>about the price?