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Re: Wife's car won't start!!

In a message dated 96-12-04 12:23:30 EST, you write:

<< and then nada.  When I was talking to her on the phone, I asked
 her to shift the transmission lever out of park and into neutral
 and then try starting the car.  Voila!  It started.  Could there
 be something amiss with the interlock system that Audi so thoughtfully
 provided for us so that we wouldn't continue to suffer from this
 Unintended Acceleration problem?  Ha ha.
 Anybody out there have any similar experiences.  If so, please
 help.  I feel like I'm treading on very thin ice here.
That could very well be the beginning of starter failure....  Has it been
replaced?...  If so, it must have the heat shield placed on the top of the
solenoid and starter, if it is not there, the thing will conk again soon,
just went thru this on a turbo car....  There will be a time when it just
won't at all..... Heat is a bad thing for starters, and what happens is the
starter warps just enough with the heat to not start the car, unless cold...
 Also, ck the ground strap from the solenoid to starter, lots of times it
frays enough to go south....  The starter on these cars is a 20minute job,
much better than the 6 hours my brother took to do the one on his stealth tt