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Wastegate problems?Turbo sputtering?

What are the symptoms of a failing wastegate? What kind of noises does it make,
if any? Are they expensive to rebuild? I ask because the boost condition in my
car is rather strange. Similar to the guy with the 200q sputtering. I changed
my plug and coil wires, checked the plugs (a little sooty confirms fuel
dumping; sometimes under full load when it sputters I smoke out the tailpipe
like a Mercedes diesel). Once in a while, I do get full boost, but not as much
power as I used to get. Full load switch is working (I checked because it's
used to start the diagnostics program). Under full load, recently I have been
hearing noise from the engine. Something not like a hiss, but like a volume of
air moving. It's strange. I hope it's not my wastegate, but I have a rich
condition (as shown by the plugs). I'm goping to check all of the turbo hoses
today and the air filter. My experience:I've seen this before; a rip in a hose
on the turbo's pressure side. It draws through the air flow meter, but dumps
the air before the throttle body. As far as the computer is concerned,it's
getting all that air, so it needs the gas. The gas dumps. Fixed a car like
that, but never drove it, so wouldn't know. Thanks.......Steve
84 5ksT 60k miles
P.S.- The sputtering occurs at 1.3 bar and above. The power is good to ok up to

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