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Size of casting plug at the rear of the Cyl. head???

Hi gang,

	Well this AM I replaced the thermostat in my '87 5kCSQ. I was under the
impression that I had a thermostat that was hung open. On the highway the temp
barely got over the the 11 o'clock mark, that's figuring that my guage has
marks at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 2:30. In traffic or at slow speeds it would go to
just below the 12 o'clock mark, and in the Summer in traffic just above the 12
o'clock mark. It seemed to me that the durn thing must be hung open. Well, it's
doing the same thing with the new thermostat. I have always believed that if
the cooling system is working properly the needle will stay in the same place
Summer or Winter, highway or stop-and-go driving. What am I missing here. I
have replaced the ol' 4 prong multisensor with the a new 3 prong one. Could the
whole guage face from 10 to 2:30 only comprise 10 degrees of temp. change???
The new sensor works all the time; the ol' 4 pronger worked about 1/10th of the
time, but the needle seems in the same place at the high end of its
travel...just beyond 12 o'clock on a hot day in traffic. Can anyone shred some
light on this "cool" phenomenon:-)

	Now for the big question, do any of you know the proper size for the
casting(freeze) plug in the rear of the head? Mine is starting to weep a bit,
so it's time to replace it. Has anyone else had to do this? Do I have to pull
the wastegate as well as the distributor. I was all set to just pull it and
install one of the expandable stainless steel and rubber numbers, but my
mechanic buddy had a fit and demanded I get the proper plug...I suppose he's
right, but I think that stainless and rubber one would have lasted for ever:-)

	As always, I thank all of you for your time and any help/suggestions
you may offer:-)

					Happy motoring,


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