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RE: Suspension questions

The Os Man wrote:

>    And in regard to that noise I was hearing: I still haven't confirmed that
>it was the car and not the road. If it was the car, my nearest guesses are that
>it has something to do with the badly worn suspension or that it has something
>to do with the Differentials. I recently replaced the fluid with a Valvoline
>Synthetic. Okay kids.. take it easy and drive safe.

	Os, it could be your tires. Last Spring, after returning from ~4 months
overseas, I noticed a distinct "wha wha wha wha" noise from the left front of
my '87 5kCSQ when making left hand turns. This made no sense to me as this was
the "unloaded" side of the car in a left hand turn. But my mechanic pointed out
the the Audis use a two race bearing front and rear on the Quattros of my
vintage. So I bought 4 new wheel bearings, and strut bearings with the feeling
that if one was going they're probably all about to go. My mechanic friend
laughed heartily at me as a major waster of money, saying that if one goes
replace it; the others could go another 100K for all we knew. Well, I never
really got around to replacing the bearing, but a couple of weeks ago I did
replace my worn out at 29K Pirelli P500's with new Dunlop Graspic S200Z's for
the winter...guess what...no more "wha wha wha". The car was in fine
allignment, everything was balanced. Apparently the left front P500 developed
something that made it go "wha wha wha" when loaded on its right edge. Now I've
got $200.00 worth of bearings and nothing is wrong...YET!!! Honest gods, I'm
really not complaining:-}



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