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I had about 8 -10 people who responded to me that were interested in having EPROM
mods done.  I am located on the West Coast in Oregon and I understand that
 you are located on the East coast. Maybe we could coordinate doing the mods
for these people and provide future upgrade chips as well 
and possibly save them  some shipping time. I have a late  89 200TQ
 (dual Knock Sensors) for test  purposes and may also have access  to an
 5000TQ to verify ECU operation  after the mod is done. 

As you mentioned  we have been working with  several people on the list 
(Orin, Steve E, RDH,  Dave L, etc) to further  develop the EPROM mods 
available. At this point it makes no difference if  I do the EPROM removal, 
socket installation or if it is taken care of by you. I have the vacuum  
desoldering equipment and an EPROM programmer at home.
I have included the offer in this post that I sent  out to the people 
who emailed  me directly as being interested in having the EPROM mods 
done and it is  similar  to the  offer you made. I did not send this offer 
out to the few people  who responded that are running P. Timmerins mod. 
If they are running an manually adjustable WG with over 1.95 bar of 
boost then the existing EPROM mod I have would not likely help  them much.
This assumes they still have some sort of overboost cutoff in place using
the P. Timmerin mod.

Here is the offer.
"What I can offer at this time is removal of the stock EPROM, install a socket
 along with a new programmed EPROM that has a 1.95 bar overboost cutoff. 
In other words the cars factory overboost fuel pump cutoff would 
function again only now at 1.95 bar instead of at 1.6 bar. Future chip upgrades
will be available for around $15-20. I plan to offer an upgrade  that will use
the  stock WG solenoid system to dynamically control the boost above 
what the  WG spring provides. This factory dynamic  boost control allows
 some brief overboost  at lower RPM's depending on air temp
for increased torque and reduces the boost at higher RPM's to reduce the
 chance of detonation. It also modulates the boost over the RPM range to
suit the flow characteristics of the intake system. This factory WG
system also can reduce the boost if the engine gets into an overheat condition.

I plan to offer this chip removal, socket install and new programmed EPROM
for around $75-100 depending on shipping costs. I would like to ship the ECU
back next day air to shorten the turn around time to 2-3 days."

That's all for now.
Scott M.