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Re: 1.8 v. 2.8

> To my knowledge the stock 1.8T has around 150hp. The 2.8 v6 has about 
> 174hp.  With the chip upgrade the 1.8T gains 30-50hp (because its a 
> turbo), the 2.8 on the other hand only gains about 14hp.  This would 
> leave them with about the same hp.  However, a friend recently told me 
> that the newer Audi Turbos are very effecient and wear down the engine 
> (and themselves) a lot less since the the days of the 5000T and the GT.  

Since the water cooled turbos were introduced around 86, there really
hasn't been a problem.  As for wearing the engine, try asking some
Audi service managers when they last rebuilt an Audi 5-cylinder.
They usually can't remember having done any.  Compression on my 86
5kCSQ is still in the range for a new engine.  The turbo is fine.
This is after 150k miles.

> It's a tough call but I still do not trust the turbo completely.  Make 
> mine the 2.8...and make it yellow.

I'm not worried at all.  In stock form, the 1.8T isn't putting out
much more power than the 16 valve versions of the 1.8 4 cylinder.
Looking at the TAP web page, they are taking it to 220 hp before
changing the turbo.

Mine is a 1.8T and it's red and I picked it up last week!