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Re: A4Q shake test & info

Dan Malizio writes:

> I hit a sharp bump on the road going over 20 mph I hear a rattling noise
> from my rear seat area in my 96 A4Q ....but the seats seem firmly latched.

Seat belt buckles, perhaps?

> Remote locking option note--My dealer told me that the heated driver
> side door lock is NOT functional when you also have the factory remote
> locking option installed along with the all weather package.
> Can anyone confirm or is this bad information.

Sounds bogus to me.  Sure, you won't need it most of the time, but
why bother to disable it?

Considering that the remote locking stops listening after a week of
inactivity, disabling the lock defroster would be an incredibly dumb thing
to do.  If this is true, the A4 would not be the car to leave in long
term airport parking during the winter.  (Not that I'd do that by choice,
anyway.  That's what my old beater is for.)

Ed Hanway  <hanway@kodak.com>