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RE: A4Q shake test & info

I didn't know this...let me know how it turns out...

From:  Dan Malizio[SMTP:maliziod@harborcom.net]
Sent:  Tuesday, December 03, 1996 12:23 PM
To:  quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:  A4Q shake test & info

Changed over to new Dunlap Graspic snow tires for winter mounted on
wheels which ride pretty firm as I keep them inflated to near max.
I hit a sharp bump on the road going over 20 mph I hear a rattling noise
my rear seat area in my 96 A4Q ....but the seats seem firmly latched. I
saw a
post awhile back about some rubber grommets that are supposed to be
mounted to
the seat back clips but I don't see any on mine. could someone please
take a
look and let me know what they see on their A4q? thanks...Also seem to
have a
less obtrusive rattle in the B post area. Is this a dealer fix or do it

Anyone put on winter wiper blades (what brand?) in place of the stock
just don't cut it for Cleveland snow belt blizzards.

It has not gotten real cold (+20F) yet here but has anyone one had
trouble starting their
A4Q 2.8 in colder parts of the country. Just wondering about upgrading
the stock battery
capacity (CCA).

Remote locking option note--My dealer told me that the heated driver
side door lock 
(lifting the handle up half way to engage defrost heater) is NOT
functional when you
also have the factory remote locking option installed along with the all
weather package.
Can anyone confirm or is this bad information.

Dan Malizio
96 A4Q 2.8
3,700 miles