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> From: rawaudi@frugal.com (Robert Wheeldon)
> Does anyone on the q-list have an opinion about switching to synthetic Auto
> Trans fluid.  I'm considering it but I cannot (won't spend the money) drain
> the torque converter.  My thoughts are drain and re-fill the trans several
> times until I end up with something better than a 50/50 mixture of original
> fluid and synthetic. 


> Questions
> Will regular AT and synthetic AT mix?

Yes.   Limits advantages of synthetic, but drain all you can and 
you're at least 30% synthetic on the first change.  These oils are 
compatible and work together just fine.

> Is there any advantage to synthetic AT fluid?

Absolutely.  Primarily in three characteristics: 1) It dissipates heat 
better than petro; 2)  It resists breakdown from heat better than 
petro, therefore lasting longer; 3) It is even more detergent than petro, 
assuring no buildup of varnish will take place.  I run Amsoil 
synthetic in my 1990 200.

> Is there any advantage to mixed conventional and synthetic AT fluid?

It's better than 100% conventional, not as good as 100% synthetic.  

> Is there a way to drain the torque converter short of pulling the transaxle

No.  Best way is as you describe above - do about three changes, 
draining all you can each time.  Drive for days in between.  You will 
eventually have a very high ratio of synth-to-petro.

My suggestion is to drain by loosening the large nut on the dipstick 
filler tube on the left side of the drain pan.  DO NOT cross-thread 
this nut going back on!!

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