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<FS>Cars For Sale

Well, friends, my parents are going to be moving from their home of 
30+ years in the next year or so.  I am attempting to find homes for 
some of the cars they (and I) have accumulated during that period.  
None of these are specific to the lists I'm sending to, but I feel
that the folks on these lists (Audi and Z-car) might be 

My cars:

1963 Pontiac Grand Prix (parked for 20 years - clean body, but needs 
a few dings removed, complete paint, interior, and engine rebuild.)

1977 Chevy Monza Spyder.  305-V8, 4-speed, positrack.  Silver with 
black interior.  125K miles, runs like a Swiss watch.  I bought it 
new in 1977.  Body and interior are excellent; needs paint and decals to 
be perfect.  Can be driven anywhere in the US to take it home.  (When 
was the last time you saw one of these??  They don't exist - and this 
car is a ball to drive...)

Parents' cars:

The following old Mercedes are available for parts - we want to just 
get them out of the yard and ANY reasonable offer will be 
entertained.  We would prefer they be used for something and not 

1958 180-D, 4-cyl diesel, complete.
1958 180 (gas), parts only, body partially crushed
1959 219 - Complete car with title!
1960 220S - body only, no engine
1961 220B - Running, some body rust, with title.
1963 220S - Complete, with title.

And the prize of the bunch, which will cost some $$:

1950 Studebaker Champion Convertible.  Stored inside for @26 years.  
Needs paint and interior, and engine rebuild.  Body is VERY nice and 
complete, has complete (old) convertible top.  Comes with spare car: 
1950 4-door Champion (parts car only - no title); also comes with 
spare 6-cylinder engine.  This car NEEDS a restoration but is 100% 
complete and has never been wrecked.

If you are not interested in these, feel free to spread the word to 
friends.  Ask them to reply to me.  We're not in a big rush to sell 
these, but we will need to deal with them in the next year.  All cars 
are located in Pullman, Washington, which is about 80 miles 
south of Spokane and about 8 miles west of the Idaho border.

Contact me directly if interested or needing more information.

Al Powell, Ph.D.                 Voice:  409/845-2807
107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
College Station, TX 77843      

"Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the
sun...but I have never been able to see the numbers."
             [From 5th/6th grade essays....]