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Re: Test drove an A4 2.8 quattro

> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Jason sez>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>  > There is one thing that concerns me about the Audi.  The engine is
>  > soooo shoe-horned in there.  How does anybody do work on it.  Could
>  > not even see the alternator.  How the hek do you get to the oxygen sensors.
>  > What about them spark plugs.  I realize that this is supposed to be a low
>  > maintenance engine,  nevertheless,  all cars need maintenance.  Do Audi
>  > mechanics know something I don't.  Or do they have real thin hands.
>  > Any comments on this.

My mechanic told me I can actually get to the oxygen sensors on the 92' 100 
V6 through the front wheel well if I really want to change them myself. I 
had the car up in the rack and I can see the oxygen sensors through the 
front wheel wells. He told me I just need a long open end box wrench. I am 
not sure how long they are suppose to last but someone in this group has 
posted a list on Bosch oxygen sensors with their estimated length of 
service. The one listed for my car is 100,000 miles. It has two, one on 
each exhaust manifold and they are the 3 wires pre-heated type. I am not 
sure if you can get to the one on the A4 through the front wheel wells.

I had some oil leaks when I first got the car but it was fixed under 
warranty. Other than the oil leak it was only regular maintainence, I got new
f/r brakes, pads and rotors at 34,000 miles. I saved alot on the parts by 
buying from Carlson Audi in Palo Alto(about $300). I paid about $410 
total for parts and labor for the brakes. Other regular maintainence are 
oil change and alignment and that's pretty much it. Most of the service 
would have been free if it they were within the 3yrs/50,000 miles free 
service plan but my car didn't get to 37,000 miles until last week and 
it's over 4 years old. They did fixed the oil leak(replaced the oil pump) 
free even though it was out of warranty otherwise it would have costed me 
about $800. I basically took the car in when I picked it up they told me 
they put in a new oil pump but AOA picked up the tab. 

The only other repair was a mis-aligned seatbelt adjuster on the front
passenger seat. My dad tried to yank it down without holding down the 
spring loaded switch/handle(whatever you call it?) for the height adjuster.
Other than that it's been very trouble free and nothing like the 85' 
5000s that I used to have(very problematic). 

The A4's V6 supposedly been improved by redesigning some of the flanges 
between the engine block and cylinder heads, oil path ways and pump which 
fixed the problem of oil leaks that some of early V6s had. 

>     We have lots of guys on the qlist who run their V6's like that, and suspect
>     you will get some interesting responses!!! Mine just goes, and goes, and 
>     goes, and gets 29-30 mpg on the freeway... and at a stop light can 
>     whip the heck of old gray headed guys my age with half-charged  
>     battery-driven golf carts. Once rolling it's fun!

Once you hit 3,000 rpm the fun begins! I have a 4 speeds auto, the 5 spd 
maybe more fun. It's a very smooth and quiet engine.  

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.