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If it's on the sticker

In a message dated 96-12-05 12:56:08 EST, you write:

<< Any opinions on the IPF lights?  
  Gene Henderson sells them and I know Cal Landau used them on his GTI Pro
 Rally car.  Cal told me that the IPF rain and snow lights were good.
 They've got kind of a greenish tint.  I had the IPF driving lights (4x6,
 100w) and they did a great job (up until the "parking incident").  Steel
 bodies and good lenses.  They've also got good mounting hardware.  Pretty
 sure that Gene used them on the ALCAN. 
  Yes, I know that they had prize money for the drivers who used their
 lights, but would they use them anyway?
Well, bottom line is the beam pattern....  Get the hella one and compare it
to the IPF one...  Lots of asian and euro companies trying to bully into the
lite market...  Me, I've gotten all my lites (and sponsored on most too, so
bias here) from either hella or cibie...  Pretty much betcha sponsor and
attractive distributorship is why Gene sells them...  Are they good, don't
know, I have no experience with them...  Could they be, you bet....  I
remember the scuddle-butt created when Buffum kinda said that given his
druthers, he'd run R2000's on his Urq....  THAT didn't sit well with bosch
(sponsor) at the time....  Interesting...  Fogs aren't really rocket science
tho...  If the lense is no darker than the Hella/cibie in amber config,
chances are it's fine....  The cut off is really what you are looking for,
and no H3 bulbs....  For driving and pencil, the science becomes a little
more technical.....  Not to say that can't be copied in todays computer