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quattro-digest V3 #1485 -Reply

Regarding the Slick 50 claims and SAE papers, it is my understanding
that there are no SAE papers which endorse Slick 50! 

The standards which they reference , no matter which, actually no SAE
standard endorses their product or the claims that they make. SAE
standards are clearly written so that a standard does not endorse any
product, and their claims that SAE standards support their product are
definitely incorrect. I understand the Federal Trade Commission has taken
action against them claiming this. 

So, I'm not calling anyone names, just giving you some insight that I
believe to be correct about this situation. Slick 50 may be a great product,
but there are definitely no SAE standards which endorse that !!!

Arlan Stehney
ITS Program Manager
SAE International

94 Saab 900SE-T soon to be 97 A41.8TQS5sp (on order, and anxious)