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Bob D'Amato wrote:
> ...plan on taking an event, or even like a little more high speed
> stability, then I would suggest that you have the rear set at stock, and
> have the front -1/2 degree camber... (thats a NEGATIVE 1/2 degree)
> Front: Camber -1.3 to .3
> Rear:  Camber -1.3 to .3

I agree with everything Bob D'Amato said, especially matching
the left to right settings REALLY close to each other.

However, if camber specs are -1.3 to +0.3, the midpoint is -0.8. Maybe
what Bob meant was if you plan on taking it on the track ADD 1/2 degree
of negative camber, therefore -0.8 midpoint -0.5 = -1.3

This puts you at the factory limit, but jives with my suggestion
that you are ok with a bit more negative camber.

I run -1.0 in my street cars, and -1.8 (the most I could get) on the urq.