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Bald tires ( tyres ) halogens, and flat batteries

>From personal experience I prefer the "balder" tires on the front. When
the rear tires break loose, you have less warning at the edge, even though
the "squirrely" effect should have pre-warned you that you might get into
trouble if you push it. The rear wheels break away under power ( too much )
just as you try and make it through that turn.....

With balder front tires, you get more time to regain control.

Now on halogens, I seem to have misplaced my Sylvania catalog again,
but I seem to recall all the specs ( life, lumens, etc ) to be at 11.8
or 12.8 volts, i.e. some low number close to 12. 

Hey, before I put in the relay mod. my 9004s ran FOREVER at some voltage 
closer to 11 volts. I could have doubled the headlight power if I shone
a flashlight out the front windshield ( well, perhaps I exagerate here )
They are very happy at 13.5 volts right now.

>>>Whoa there!  Halagon (sic) bulbs do not like to work with less than 12V...
>Sure they will turn on BUT you will seriously shorten their lives. NJTH -
>STEADIRIC<<  Why is this?  I am curious, and curiouser (go ask Alice)!

Many times I recommended a monthly "top-up" with a 3-6 amp charger overnight.
The problem was my alternator only put 13.4 at most, probably what the
regulator was set to. I recently replaced ot with a rebuilt alternator,
which feeds a regular 14.1 to 14.2 to the battery. No more occasional
top-up needed. ( And even brighter headlights to boot ).

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5kTQ