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4K Clock repair

Dan & List,
	I recently purchased a 84 4KSQ with a non-working clock.  I can see the
second hand twitch as if it wants to work so I think the problem is
mechanical.  I'm currently a camcorder technicain and I have worked in
the jewelry industry as well, so I am confident I can fix this problem. 
The only stumbling block would be if replacement parts are need, there
will probably be no reasonable avenue to aquiring them.  With my
backround I have been able to repair more obscure things than an auto
clock, I am used to working with small mechanics and electrical items. 
Now all I need to do is find the ambition to pull the instrument cluster
and extract the clock.  For comparison, the dealer says the clock is
available at a cost of $170.  The money being a motivator, as well as
the annoyiance of a non-functional clock I will tackle this project and
keep my fellow Audi Enthusiast posted on my progress.

Stephen Jenkins
84 4000 S Quattro, 151k miles, "timeless dash"