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Advice on Rain Tyres

My wife has a Jetta VR6 with the original Eagle GAs and, living in Florida,
we have found that these are considerably less than ideal in the rain,
aquaplaning at relatively low speeds and generally providing little
confidence.  Given that we have so much rain down here and that my family's
wellbeing is at stake, I am inclined to choose a tyre which has wet weather
handling and braking as its best attributes at the expense of longevity.  I
would prefer not to have to change the BBS 15" rims that come with the car.
 The GAs are 205/50R15s.

I would appreciate any informed opinions on what my best choice might be.

I also noted some time back that some of you had found the NTW was prepared
to compete with Tire Rack on pricing.  This would be helpful becuase the
GAs will probably end their days on my Urq where the 4wd will hopefully
compensate for their shortcomings!

I look forward to your input!!