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Re: Advice on Rain Tyres

In a message dated 96-12-07 10:58:08 EST, 104635.3606@compuserve.com (John
C.) writes:

> Given that we have so much rain down here and that my family's
>  wellbeing is at stake, I am inclined to choose a tyre which has wet
>  handling and braking as its best attributes at the expense of longevity.
>  would prefer not to have to change the BBS 15" rims that come with the
>  The GAs are 205/50R15s.
>  I would appreciate any informed opinions on what my best choice might be.

If you, like myself, subscribe to the principle that it is too expensive to
buy cheap tyres and value your life more than your wallet, go with a good
Z-rated tyre. 

I would suggest Dunlop Sport SP8000. I've had them for 2 years and will buy
them again this coming spring. They are 
Z-rated, stick to tarmac like chewing gum to a sole of your shoe and have
excellent wet traction. They feature a very agressive directional tread,
comprised of huge blocks and very wide grooves for water channeling.
Suprisingly long lasting, although soft compound, I might add. Mine were put
on in the Spring of '95 and they have since seen two Q-club events at Watkins
Glen and one at Lime Rock and numerous trips to Chicago, Boston, Maine (home
of one of the best NA rally sites), Tampa and Miami. The centre groove is
still 5.2mm on the fronts and 4.8mm on the rears.

BTW, about 80% of participants of an any given Q-club track event have them
on their cars. A number of listers too (Eric-care to comment?). About 10%
have A008 Yokos and 10% have other brands.

They have HORRIBLE snow traction so a set of good snow tyres becomes an
absolute necessity (Nokia NRW in my case). But, since you live in Florida, no
worries here. 

What surprises me most is that the European Car mag seems to ignore Dunlops
in their regular tyre publications. They are pretty heavy on praising Pirelli
instead. May be it is because Pirelli invites them to visit their proving
grounds in Italy on a regular basis (with fully paid accomodations, I
presume) and Dunlop does not invite them to England? Or is it to Japan? I
think they were bought out by the Japaneese some time ago.

>  I also noted some time back that some of you had found the NTW was
>  to compete with Tire Rack on pricing. 

Yes, I have gotten mine from a local NTW after showing them the Tire Rack
advertising. It is definetely a preferred way, since buying tyres and
mounting them becomes a one-stop-shopping deal. My NTW uses torque wrenches,
which was also important.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ 
MOMO Ferrari w/205/55/16 Dunlop SP8000 - for summer
OEM BBS RS w/195/65/15 Nokia NRW - for winter