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Re: Belts and lights

In a message dated 96-12-06 13:38:37 EST, you write:

> In any case, what are "Euro lights"? are these just the aero lights? Or are

>  they the bitchin' twin beam/ion-looking things from the A-8 and later
>  year Audis? Would those twin-beam jobs fit on my '89 200QTW? And are they 
>  significantly brighter?
>  Many thanks,
>  Twain 

The euro-lights are the OEM european (non-DOT) lights. They look almost
identical to your DOT aero-lights. The main difference from the outside: they
do not have an amber directional marker in the corner. (Directionals are
built into the main reflector and are always white according to the euro
traffic laws).
The euros utilize the so-called "european assymetrical beam" (the following
describes the RH traffic only) :

1. Both lights have a very distinct Low Beam cut-out at ~1m above the ground,
which makes them non-dazzling (I never get blinked at even though I am
running 2x80w Lows. When I had DOT 9004s or 9007s, people were constantly
blinking at me). The DOT-kosher lights utilize the so-called "american
straight beam" which basically throws the light straight forward. That is why
DOT resorted to limiting the power of OEM 9004s to whimpy 35/45w (and due to
the fact that undisciplinned domestic drivers run around with High Beams on,
something unthinkable in Europe!)

2. The LH light is aimed straight forward and slightly down as not to blind
the oncoming traffic. The RH light is aimed slightly up and to the right to
make the sidewalk and pedestrians visible. Hence the "asymmetrical" light

3. The euros have far superior reflectors and far better H4 dual filament
halogen bulbs (mine are 80/100w ea).

4. The euros have auxillary H3 High Beam  projectors (mine are 100w ea) in
place of the DOT front directionals (next to the grill).

5. The euros have remote aiming actuators, that let you to adjust them "on
the fly" depending on how the car is loaded.

Here's a funny story.
In 1984, while still living in the old country, I bought my first new car and
it was equipped with the remote controlled H4 headlight assys. On the first
night out I noticed that the lights were not pointed straight, like they were
on my two previous used cars (with the crappy incandecent bulbs). No sweat,
thinks I, reaching for my favourite Phillips screwdriver. Five minutes later
I was on my merry way with the headlights shooting straight forward.

During the first oil change @ 10000km I complained to the warranty guy about
the badly misaligned headlights, that I had to reaim myself. At this point
the guy (not without a smile on his face, I might add to my embarrassement)
explained to me the concept of a "european assymetrical beam" and suggested
that the car was not to be touched by me in the future. The lights were
reaimed back to the specs and I bought my first shop manual the very same

Money permitting, go with the euros, you'll be VERY impressed! They are not
just brighter, they are WAY BETTER. 
Good lights, as well as good brakes and tyres are the staples of passive

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
w/560w of H4/H3 euro light
'88 Fox
w/360w of H4 euro light