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Re: 5ktq radio upgrade

I replaced the head unit in my 5ktq with a Kenwood Cd-player some time ago.
 I would definately just bypass the factory amps.  The new head units out
there are high power anyway.  I don't know if the fromt speakers have
factory amps, but they wired right in, no fuss whatsoever, four wires from
head unit, four wires to speakers.  The back is where I had to rewire them.
 I just rewired them and added capacitors on each speaker to act as high
pass crossovers (maybe a dollar a piece).  If you decide to do this (and I
do recommend it) let me know and I can elaborate and give you the ratings
for the capacitors.

James Fawcett
1986 Audi 5k TQ
Saint Charles, MO  U.S.A.