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Give me your Vanity Plate ideas!

Hi all,  I need some ideas!
I'm going to apply for a new vanity plate on monday, my current plate is
"AUDI GT", which somewhat applies to my Coupe Quattro, but the plate came
from my '85 & '87 Coupe GTs.  I need some ideas of what to put on the
Quattro, i'm sure all the good ones are taken.  Here's my list so far:
"LONG-1" (this was my dad's plate that I inherited with my 1st Audi, it's not
a sexual
      reference, all the cars in my family were our last name, Long-1 through
If I can't find an Audi plate that's available I might go for a music
My dad had the following plates on his 2 Audis ('80 5KT, '87 5KCST):
"5K TBO"

                    /\        _I                   Christian J. Long
                  /    \ I_I I_I I                 Orlando, Florida, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro               Red/Black, K&N cone, BBS wheels, 80K
1990 90                                 Gold/Tan, 70K
Past Audis:
'80 5KT--'84 Coupe GT--'85 Coupe GT--'875KCST(Dad's)--'87 Coupe GT 2.3