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Re:galvanized in '86

In a message dated 96-12-09 00:48:54 EST, you write:

<< I saw a couple of mails recently asking about galvanized Audis from '86.
 Having owned an '86 4kQ I can tell you the 4000's were NOT galvanized (I did
wheel-well mods, I know for sure!).  In fact, I believe the 4000's were never
galvanized (even in later years).  I do know that the '86 5000's WERE
galvanized however (as were the 80/90's that replaced the 4000's). >>

This is correct, my '86 brochures have galvanized bodies as a feature of the
5000 only, no mention in the 4000 brochure.....My '87 brochure shows that the
4000 has a Zinc phosphate undercoating layer.....does this mean galvanized??

Either way, none of my COupe GTs ever had a spot of rust, and the paint was

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