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Re: Striving for technical accuracy

In a message dated 96-12-07 04:35:41 EST, you write:

 Well, having gone to the Audi dealer and asked about lights for my 200, they
 never asked if I had the Cibie H4/H1's.  There was only one type in the
 H4/H3's.  And having gone to the junkyard and pulled the lights off a
 '84 or '85 200 and got H4/H3's; I have to think there were only the H4/H3's
 for the 200 series.  If there were some special French versions, then maybe
 to import/export laws they had to use French (Cibie) parts to avoid taxes.
 (BTW:  There are "Italian only " features, why not French?).
 My original question still stands:  Is there an H4/H1 light made for the 200
 (type 44) body style?
I wrench on a CAN 5000CDtq that has cibie headlites in a H4/H1
combination....  Saw it again last week....  Given the choice between H1 an
H3 the h1 would be the ticket....