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A grad student in absencia - tongue&eyes firmly on the dim bulb

In a message dated 96-12-06 16:13:25 EST, you write:

<< >That is the common misconception..... Proper lenses and reflectors is the
 All things *being equal*, more lumens (lumen, with an "e", plural lumens or
 lumina, spelling it right makes the course more convincing) is going to mean
 better visibility.  Pro Rallye has so little to do with my daily driving, it
 doesn't matter.  8 x 55 w = 440, more than I have, anyway.  As someone said,
 they don't want to stop if one breaks. 
>>>>  And always, I appreciate the latin lesson, I assure you if you ck the
archives, my misspellings are not only common, but purposeful as well, if
that creates a prollum, let me assure you, I pologize, and I laugh that you
don't get it...  Let me give you the secret, you being rather new to the list
and all, spelling and my subject lines are my way of just making search
engines go nuts, sorry it upsets you...   PR does apply to driving in that
the idea is to get the best available light for fast driving at night....
 The philosophy is the same, my experience is really laughable, comparatively
speaking...  Research and education on lighting ain't rocket science, the
information is available to anyone who wants it....  Given some of the posts
on WHAT one considers to be great lighting, just plain contradicts not only
my experience, but the information available from the manufacturers of the
lenses and reflectors, and the boys that play at nite for a living....  All
thing "being equal" you have a point, mine is that all things are not equal,
lumens increase reflectance of humidity, decreasing the visible output of
light and control of beam pattern....  Jeff Goggins could do all these hi
wattage bulbs for the majority of his driving, but his weather is hardly the
rest of the US's....  Hence, all things are not equal....
 > you can;t put a big enough bulb in your euros to come close
  I don't have "euros", if you read my post I have double 5-1/4's to replace
 my 4x6's.  I have always been underimpressed by the beam pattern of 4x6's. 
 I would take more lumens, in the right place, yes the reflector and lens
 have got to be right or forget it, until I reach daylight or thereabouts.
>>>>   And those 5 1/4, are they z beam or euro beam?  Let me help you
understand the terminology hew....   I am referring to beam pattern, doesn't
matter what specific size, euros are available in 5 1/4 and 4X6 along with
the "euro lites" specific to model you refer to.... In fact, that;s what a
lot of motorcycles use, and btw, is the way euro replacements come to the US,
labelled as MC lites (sp).....  a 5 1/4 lense has a round reflector and
lense, better controlling beam pattern than a 4x6, but a 4x6 with a "euro
conversion" is pretty darn close...  If you mean that you replaced single 4X6
with dual 5 1/4 you did the right thing for light control....  Cibie makes a
very hard to find flat lens inner driving you should ck out, if you haven't
already....  Had that on my 81 scirocco....  If you need the PN....  Aw,
prolly not...
 No matter what the beam pattern, 100 watts will bounce up into oncoming
 traffic's eyes from a wet road.
 Thanks for your input, Scott, but my observation of some of the assertions
 on this lighting thread, i.e. completely contradictory "expert" knowledge 
 (others' as well), has led me to remember that the internet is not a
 resource center, it's a bull session. <<<<<  OUCH
>>>>>  Now you just fired up the butane, and I wonder why?  First, then hew,
some advice:  delete your sig line, your speaker sales must just have gone
down with that testiclmonial....   Back to program:  You have converted your
4X6 to 5 1/4 lenses, that's great....   Care to share WHAT you did, that
would be more helpful than dropping butane in me shorts...  Are they hellas,
cibies or other?  Did you do relay them? how does one assure stability
converting 4X6 to 5 1/4?  Where did you take the power from the relay?  What
size wire did you use?  Switch gear, power taps?  You have done nothing here
but blunt instrument me.... I assure you hew, my experience with lighting
systems for cars is extensive, flame me, you'll get nuttin....    If you ck
the archives from the last 3 years, you will find hearsepucky from me sure,
but on subjects I have extensive knowlege, I share more than you know, and
lots of folks bust me after reading between the lines, cuz I don't always
give btdt away....  quattros and lighting are easy ones for me...  Again,
ride in a car with lites, not lumins, that are correctly executed, it has
little to do with the bulbs....    Maybe Eric will answer your 12v question,
me you obliviously have had enough....

Was that peace of work from a frustrated salesman, hew?

There's archives on sig lines, too btw...  If you take this too seriously,
I'll have to apologize again to the net for my roiling puntage....  Please do
post your varying mileage when you are done, huw...  That might help you
recover from that last blast of exulted prose....  Your always mad professure

Lumina Lites
500w Hotspot Bullefardt
Deetroit MI  29004