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Re: 5ktq radio upgrade

Been there.. done that!

I have a '93 90sq and wanted to upgrade the sound system - starting with
the speakers. I purchased some 4.5" 2-ways for the front, and 5.25/1" dome
for the rear doors (all speakers are MBQuart). Well, it turns out the
original rear speakers are self-power  (something the salesman neglected to
mention!) and the fronts are standard - albeit low efficiency speakers.
After attempting to route the low-level outputs from deck to the amp
(alpine v12) and high-level outputs from the head unit to the front
speakers, and high level outputs from the amp to the rear speakers - it
sounded terrible! Basically I couldn't get enough volume - I'd turn the
deck up until it distorted, and the sound was just starting to make the
speakers work.

At that point I considered the Crutchfield solution (as well as others).
However, it became apparent that there would be additional cost for the
harness - and the head unit performance would be average (I'm using a Sony
FM modulated CD changer). Also, since the leads to the rear speakers were
low-level, and I wanted to use a more powerful amp (mounted in truck) - a
full re-wire was in order.

To make a long story short, I elected cut my loses and buy a new head-unit
(a Sony XRC-700). It seems auto makers strive to make upgrade to stock
systems very difficult. The end result is that I can now use the head unit
to drive my changer, I have *lots* of volume, and a 'standard' setup which
is easily upgradable. I took great care to preserve all the original
equipment so that I can pull the equipment if/when I sell the car.

Hope this helps

Sony XRC-700 w. 10 disc cd changer
MB Quart  215.02 CX (rear)
MB Quart 100.03 KX (front)
2xAlpine v12 amps
2x10" JL Audi Subs

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          Subject:  5ktq radio upgrade

My original from the audi factory radio died the other day and now I seem
to be faced with a dilemma.  The local car stereo place suggests replacing
the head unit, rewiring all the speakers to by pass the audi amps and drive
the system from the head unit.  Crutchfield has a wire harness conversion
which allows me to replace the head unit but continue to drive the speakers
from the audi amps thus sparing me the rewire.  Anyone have any suggestions
as how best upgrade this system.  By the way it's the 10 speaker version
and just to complicate matters I have a Alpine 35w x2 amp I would'nt mind
using.  I would like to add an in dash CD and upgrade the over all sound
without going nuts.
           Any advice Audi from audiophiles would be appreciated.

          Thanks Bob