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Re:1st Snow in My A4

Earlier this week Portland Oregon surpassed the all time record for rain
in a single year; so my A4 has had lots of experience with water and

My wipers have good coverage, and work fine.  I can only imagine that
there must be a problem with yours.  

When the windows fog up, try pushing the button with the "defog" ikon
instead of the AC.  Defog works even before the motor is warmed up.  The
blower comes on with a roar and does a good job of clearing the windows.
I use it in conjunction with the electric rear window defrost.  Once
things are warmed up and clear, hit "Auto" and things subside back to

The defrost system seems better than average (not _quite_ as strong as
my wife's Volvo 850) and can keep everything except the rear door
windows completely clear in the very worst conditions we've had, which
have been pretty miserable.