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                      Subject:                              Time:  1:44 PM
  OFFICE MEMO                                               Date:  12/8/96

I know of a Canadian VW dealer who has an '87 Coupe GT with the 2.3, digital
dash, body colored spoiler, rear discs, no leather with less than 100 km on
it.  Never been registered, and from what I hear spends it's days in high
storage with occasional trips to the showroom floor.  The dealer wants
>$20,000 Canandian for it.  I think it's Don Valley VW in Toronto.  So I do
know Canadians got the good and bad (the only bad being the dash).  I stumbled
upon this one in my search for a Coupe, but figgered I couldn't afford it,
couldn't insure it for what I paid, etc., and didn't know the details of
Canadian importation.  Got an '87 with 76K on it, though.

Aaron Pratt
87 Coupe GT 2.3 Black over Mouse Fur w/Tokyo by night dash.

I don't know about the difference between the US and Canadian models
but there is an '87 Coupe with 2.3l engine no rear discs or body 
color rear spoiler.  It also has analoge dash!

> Mine has been excellent with no major repairs required, in fact even very
> few minor ones, and I do drive it hard.  I believe all '87's had the
> digital dash.