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Euro Lights, LOS!

In message <6E87B5BDA@agcom.tamu.edu> "Al Powell" writes:

> Well, the Euro-lights are IN!  (Did it while listening to the Packers 
> mail the Broncos home in small boxes....)
> Tonight, I MUST aim them!!  (Especially since I have 55/100 lamps on 
> a harness with relays...)

The technique was reposted last week - it won't be far down the archives.
Search on Walmart or K-Mart.  I've found it best to set them a little lower 
than the book says, but then my lows are 2 x 100 watts.  With 2 x 55 watts, 
I'll bet you'll be perceived by oncoming traffic as _less_ of a nuisance than 
the DOT-approced lights, because of the sharper Euro light cutoff.  

As an aside, if your Euros are second-hand, you might want to replace the 
adjusting screws.  I've found the 170/100 watt bulbs vary enough to make 
adjustment after bulb changes advisable - the adjusters in mine were corroded 
and badly mauled by ill-fitting screwdrivers, so I replaced them.  The new 
ones went in lubricated by graphite powder, with graphite grease "seals" front 
and back so they don't sieze up again.
As others gave pointed out, your fog lights now have no useful function.  Time 
to mount that remote radar detector you've always promised yourself?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club