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Euro Lights, LOS!

Well, the Euro-lights are IN!  (Did it while listening to the Packers 
mail the Broncos home in small boxes....)

The 1990 200 now looks like a 1984 quattro-euro in front.  Had to 
give up the small "L"-shaped piece at each end of the chrome strip 
above the front bumper, as these mount to a hoel on the US lights 
which does not exist on the euros.  No biggie - it also is screwed to 
the bottom of the grille.

Tonight, I MUST aim them!!  (Especially since I have 55/100 lamps on 
a harness with relays...)

I will check the Bentley for an aiming procedure, but in its absence, 
I will use the one in the Chilton's manual for mah good ole 1985 
Chebby pickemuptruck.

One thing: I DO have the "light out" warning showing.  I will humbly 
admit that I did not archive the message pertaining to this recently. 
 does anyone have the fix archived - and if so, would you foward it 
to me??  I think I can talk my lovely bride into ignoring it for a 
couple of days.

NOW - back to the Seahawks/Bills (Seattle, 10-0 at this point, YAY!!) 
on my shiny new DirecTV dish.  (Why is it that I never have any spare 
money, I wonder....???)

Cheers, group!!

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