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Two things:

1)  After installing the Euro-lights, my Pass-to-flash lights are 
BACK!!  I figured out why.  when I changed from 9004 to 9007 lamps 
before doing the euro-lites, I had to change the yellow and brown 
wires to the headlight sockets.  When I did that, I LOST the flash-to-
pass.  When In installed the relays and harness today, I restored the 
headlight wiring (since I installed bullet connectors when changing 
it - I always like to be able to change it back!

So if you've installed 9007's, I know why you lost your flash-to-pass 
feature.  Wiring.

2)  The euro's are a big improvement.  Low beam is better focused but 
no more distant - HI beams are worlds better, esp. with the 55/100 
lamps.  I have more vision than braking distance at 70 mph, which is 
all I can ask.

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