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really dim bulbs; Tungsten Halide lighting

In message <961209013527_1086241199@emout15.mail.aol.com> I6941tb@aol.com writes:

> Mine are 80/100 H4 + 100 H3. I am running high power H1s, H3s and H4s since
> 1984 and in my experience they either burn out in first two weeks (they turn
> black or "frosty" mostly due to inproper handling) or last for years.

That sounds like finger grease.
I hope we should _all_ know this, but in case there are any lurkers (or VAG 
mechanics) on the list who don't - DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS WITH YOUR FINGERS.
If you open the box and see glass - close the box and open the other end.  
Handle the bulb _only_ by the metal.  If you touch it, even fleetingly, with a 
greasy finger (all fingers are _always_ greasy in this instance) then clean it 
rigorously with alcohol before putting it down.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club