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Get a 4000?

> I'm giving some thought to a 4000 as my next car. I'm currently an 
> impoverished student...

My 4000 was a great "impoverished student" car.  
> First, how troublefree are the cars? 

In 3 yrs. my '87 has needed a new radiator and struts.  
Nothing else out of the ordinary.
> What about cost of parts and routine maintenance? 

Dealer estimate for Cat=$650, OEM=$150.  If you plan to buy any/all
parts through the dealer you _will_ be screwed.  There are many 
vendors which sell new and used parts at reasonable prices. 

> How crashworthy is the 4000? [...] If I 
> heard some stories about people walking away unhurt, or w/minor injuries, from 
> a really epic crash in a 4000 (the kind of stories you hear about Saabs and 
> Volvos), I'd really be impressed.

Head on with a new Cavalier at a combined speed of 80-90 mph.  She gave
her life <sniff, sniff> (the car), but I walked away without a bruise
(well except where the seatbelt crossed my shoulder).  Enough said?

> Much as I'd like to have a 4000 Quattro, I assume that it'd be more expensive 
> to register and insure.

It's not a sportscar.  You should get a discount because it's a sedan,
because of AWD.  I pay $650 per year for full coverage.
> What about the VW Quantum?

Get the Audi.

> The 4000 would be my first fuel-injected car.

I've never had a problem.  

> Anyway, you now have a new participant, with an attitude, so get used to it! :) 
> Thanks for your insights!
> - --Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com

Welcome and good luck!


John Paximadis
'87 4000CS Quattro