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Re: Help with planning a cross country voyage needed.

> 3. How adventures am I by planning such a trip on an '89 vintage Audi?
> Granted, it's a bullet-proof 200 in a top notch health, which never breaks
> down on me, but still???

Well, I did a Sacramento => El Paso, TX => middle MN => Yellowstone => Sacra-
mento run in the urq a few years back ... never had the least sign of a prob-
lem.  IMHO the cars love to be driven ... get 'em out on the road and have 
fun.  Just make sure you change your own oil before leaving (right PDQ? ...)
> 4. Who and where are reliable Audi shops along the way, should I discover
> that I was full of sh*t in 3 in 3000 mi away from home.

Talk to Bob D'Amato about the help list!  It hasn't been updated lately, but 
it has the names and addresses of Audi fans (q-list members) across the na-
tion ...
> 7. What is *a must see* in Seattle? Where a modest couple can stay, where to
> eat? If at least 1/2 of what people tell me about that city turns out to be
> true, I might seriously consider moving there.
Ask them to show you Mount Hood ... I'm convinced that it really doesn't exist
and it's the world's largest practical joke!  ;-)

The Seattle area is very beautiful ... but rush hour there is incredible! 
Probably not worse than LA, but certainly worse than the stuff I have to put
up with in the Sillycone Valley.

"Just do it!" (I believe Nike HQ is in the PNW)
Have fun on your trip Igor!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (CA)