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Re: Help with planning a cross country voyage needed.

At 06:02 PM 12/7/96 -0500, I6941tb@aol.com wrote:
>7. What is *a must see* in Seattle? Where a modest couple can stay, where to
>eat? If at least 1/2 of what people tell me about that city turns out to be
>true, I might seriously consider moving there.

you don't want to do this.  no, let me re-state that--you REALLY don't want
to do this.  most of the things people say about Seattle are lies.
bald-faced LIES.  i mean, it really does rain here, all the time.  the
traffic sucks, especially when it rains (and did i say that was all the
time?)  the housing costs are so out of line with the salaries here you have
to live way out there, so you have to drive forever and ever--did i mention
how bad the traffic was?  

tongue firmly in cheek,
p.s.  As many others will fill you in on the must sees, i'll only add that
if you're here the Friday after Christmas, you can join a handful of us at
our local watering hole, Hart's Brewery, just south of the Kingdome (future
past home of the Seahawks?).  anyone else who hasn't seen the blurb on the
local list, email bernie for a headcount:  bstrub@silverlink.net
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