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Re: when to shut off ABS?

 ameco@map.com writes:                                              

 RR> Heres an easy one. When would you want to shut off your  ABS
 RR> or would you.

     You first realize that you MUST shut off the ABS when
     you're heading down a slightly slick snow covered street
     at 7-10 MPH and the idiot in front of you decides to stop
     for some unbeknownst (?) reason. You hit the brakes...then
     press HARD on the brakes, and find your car has a mind of
     it's own and actually wants to slam into the rear-end of
     the car in front of you. Mind you, if you were in a 1976
     Toyota Celica with bald tires you would have stopped on
     a dime compared to what happens when the ABS is on.
     Happened to me, I put the car into reverse and managed
     to keep from getting on a first name basis with some
     ambulance chaser.  Now the ABS is always off when the
     snowplow/asphalt friction stops the car faster than the

     Note, I have no idea whether this is the intended reason
     for the ABS switch, but that's the only thing I use it for
     in the ole V8Q.


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