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Re: Rain-X nightmare

At 08:24 PM 12/3/96 -0500, I wrote:

>Now (eight months later) I've got the *NASTIEST* film/slime/goo
>on my windshield. Even at mid-day, it's downright dangerous trying
>to see through the smearing (let alone at night)... 
>I've tried glass cleaner and light (and later, heavy) scrubbing
>with Bon Ami. No dice. This s**t just won't come off. Any one
>have any bright ideas (besides replacing the glass or reapplying
>the Rain-X)???

Thanks to all for the suggestions. Unfortunately, nothing I've
tried has come close to touching this stuff...

	* acetone
	* paint thinner
	* alcohol

The residue is just laughing in my face as the smearing gets worse...

I'm going to try the Rain-X prep (maybe it's the antidote...) and 
failiing that, I guess I'll have to resort to rubbing compounds or
other really drastic measures.