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Re: Coupe Q in Indigo Blue Mica

 Bryan wrote:

> I would like to know if anyone has ever seen a CQ in Indigo Blue Mica, the
> real dark blue.
> I think it would be an awesome color.
> A friend of mine who works at MidWestern Auto Group said he had one as a
> demo in '91, but I've only seen red, pearl, yellow, lago blue, and black.
> Kent Anderson says he may be getting a silver one.

 Yes, I owned an Indigo Blue Mica 1991 CQ. Indeed an awesome colour,
 especially in angled sunlight. But hard to keep good-looking in the
 winter.  This was in Bedford, Mass. (near Boston). There was another
 identical CQ in the same general area, I saw it twice from a distance
 but never got close enought to wave it down. My old CQ is now in New

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