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Audi A4 (2.8L) Tuning

I called the only regional Audi tuner mentioned in the various FAQs,
Intended Acceleration in Olympia (360 754 1411) today to see what they could
do for my 2.8L.  In a word, nothing.  He does some work on 1.8Ts, but
nothing on 2.8s.  He is going to Germany in January, and will see if there's
anything new then.  

They also said the much-spoken-about throttle body mod only adds about
15bhp, and they didn't sound impressed.  Perhaps it's not added across the
torque curve, but rather solely close to redline.

Lastly, one reason they don't do ABT mods is because those run, according to
them, $10K, and they doubt the market would support it.

Ideas?  Other local tuners?

   Tony McNamara
   '97 A4Q 2.8L, black/black leather.