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Honorary Audi?

Hi all,

There's a '97 VW Passat (the A4/A6 type) in front of my house today. I cAn
confirm that is has the best body panel fit I've ever witnessed, bar none!
Also the paint finish is flawless, without that irritating orange peel
effect that most VWs seen to suffer from. It's in dark green metallic, on
Centra spoked alloys- it looks wonderful! I've seen nothing but rave
reviews of this car, (even on occasion beating a C-class Mercedes) and on
appearance this seems to be the 180-degree turn in image that VW promised
to make. The interior, especially the dash, has more style than anything
VW's ever done before. It doesn't even look black and gloomy inside! Just
one minor quibble: I didn't like the shiny chrome-effect VW badge on the
steering wheel. looked like one of those cheap keyrings. I wouldn't like
one of those in front of my eyes all the time.

I'm all for calling this car a honorary Audi! Heck, with the base unit and
engines/drivetrain all being Audi, it's an Audi in disguise...

1988 80 1.8S (upstaged in the car park for the first time)

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