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Re: 87 5kCSTQ: torn boot on strut.

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996, John Winkelman wrote:

> Just noticed that the rubber boot on one of my front struts is torn. Can 
> it be replaced by pulling the cartridge up and out the top of the tower, 
> or does the whole strut assembly need to be removed, disassembled, and 
> reassembled?

	I am racking mybrain here trying to figure if this is possible, 
and it seems to me you can, because you can pull the strut mount, and the 
strut out the top if you have the long socket to remove the gland nut.  I 
replaced the rubber boots with 2.5" silicone hose which is like my 
intercooler hose except its only single ply.  It stretches and compresses 
with the suspension, maintaining a really nice seal and keeping junk out 
of there very well.  I have more of the stuff if anyone is interested.  
email privately.

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