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RE: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder

Right on, Dan.  That is exactly it, almost as if the car is given some sudden 
burst of power/energy and can't keep up.  As someone else on the list said, 
I'm going to start telling my dealer, to document the problem if (knock on 
wood) this amounts to anything else.

Jon Linkov
A4q - '96

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Subject: 	Re: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder

On Dec 10, 10:08am, tlazay@ultranet.com wrote:
> Subject: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder
> I've been following this discussion for a while and I can't
> reproduce the same engine phenomenon. Maybe I'm not looking for
> the right thing. Could somebody give me an idea of what exactly
> to look for to identify this problem. Many thanks.

I don't remember what range of rpm causes it, but here's
a loose description.  You're in 3rd gear, pedal to the floor.
You do a fast shift to 4th, again floor the pedal as you
come off the clutch.  At that moment, the car develops
the shudder.  It lasts for about a second, and feels as
though the clutch is alternately slipping and grabbing, or
as though instead of actually hold the gas pedal all the way
down, you were fluttering it at a rate of around 10 pulses
per second.

Does this sound close, to others who've experienced it?  It's
definitely a resonance set up somewhere, whether mechanical
or electronic.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q