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Re: ur-q weights

Dave Lawson wrote:
> 83 ur-q US model
> LSB = 50 lbs
> 3/4 full gas tank
> about 50 lbs of christmas presents biased to the rear of the car
> 6in wheels w/ 195/60/15 tires
> a/c system removed
> w/o driver - 3000 lbs

At NHIS in October I did the same, but left to right:
83 urq
Dave: What is LSB?????????
4/4 full of fuel
No Christmas presents
8in wheels w/225/50/15
With a/c system
w/o driver - 3010 lbs

I forgot the left to right number but I think
it was 1550L 1460R or thereabouts. Add a driver
and it becomes much more unbalanced to the left.