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ur-q weights

I was out runnin' some errands and I came upon a small portable
weight station setup by the CO port of entry. He let me onto the 
scales and here is what the ur-q weighed in at.

Initial conditions:
83 ur-q US model
LSB = 50 lbs
driver = 180 lbs
3/4 full gas tank
about 50 lbs of christmas presents biased to the rear of the car
6in wheels w/ 195/60/15 tires
a/c system removed

w/driver - 3200 lbs
w/o driver - 3000 lbs
w/driver, front of car angled down ~10deg
rear of car - 1400 lbs ==> front of car - 1800 lbs

==> f/r ratio - 56/44
Dave Lawson