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Re: O2 sensors

Hmmm, in this late, but maybe can add a few sense....  O2 life depends on
element exposure, eric is right...  the optimal temp range for O2's is 650 to
850 degrees F, would doubt the rotory measures that high 2000 at the O2
graydon, tho I have measured 1500 at the O2 on PDQ before exh mods......

putt-putting around I see 1000 - 1100 deg F, getting after it I have seen
1400 deg F

Eric knows that headers, turbos and freeflow exhausts can wreak havoc on the
O2 system...  Ford learned it the hard way...  So did I, btw, btdt....  Heat
is a necessary component of proper O2, but a 3 wire O2 just forward of
honeycombs is just fine....  To put it close to the turbo, or in the header
is OK too, but the gains are not faster O2 readings all the time.....  With
the tweeked charge air cars a lot of us own (both of yours graydon) this
deserves some investigating....  My O2 is only a cyberdyne reader anyhow, so
don't matter where I put mine....

Mine's in the stock location, 2in aft of turbo/downpipe joint. The EGT is about
1in aft of this. So there is some thought behind the 30k mi warning light...
Dave Lawson