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transmission - partial r'n'r?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Hi all,

Since the guys guessed wrong and chose the donor transmission for my car, I
have a nifty clicking in reverse.  Vehicle speed dependent, clutch in or out
.   The man says it is a "bad reverse idler".   I can't feel it in the stick
or the wheel, so I'm hoping it's more of an embarrassment than anything else
.  It is clearly coming from the "transmission" portion of the final
drive/transmission assembly.  Since this is bolted on to the rear of the
final drive, I'm wondering:  

Is it possible to remove and replace just the transmission portion of the
final drive/transmission assembly?  This is the standard l5 engine, 5 speed
unit in a 2wd na coupe.  If I could do this I would.  It would be so much
easier than pulling the half shafts, etc. which I'll never get around to.
Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers
7 Kelsey Road
Lee NH 03824


82ish coupe
Used parts store: 80 5k, 80 5kt, 82 coupe, 87 5k