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What's the big deal about Torsen?

I am wondering if all listers who have driven various generations of q's all
feel that the Torsen center dif. is really the cat's meow. My experience with
one was limited to about 30k miles (the length of time I kept my disapointing
88 80q) and I owned an 87 5kcstqw at the same time. The 80q replaced an 87
commerative build 4kcsq. The disapointment with the 80q was mostly in that it
just didn't handle like the 4kq or anywhere near as good as the tqwagon. Part
of this I attributed to the Torsen in that the torque would shift when
pushing hard through my favorite on ramps etc. at the most unexpected
times...very un-nerving and detracting from the "fun" factor. I fully
expected the Torsen to be a big improvement in quattro technology when I
bought the 80q as in theory it should be. I gather in reading recent posts
that the Torsen is highly regarded as a "must have" by some...but personaly I
found the unpredicatable nature not to my liking and driving style. Am I
crazy to have this perception of what is undeniably an excellent peice of
mechanical technology? Any comments from long time q owners who have owned
both??? Just curious...no flame wars intended!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq