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Was RE:Vanity Plates Is: Hans Stuck

In a note dated 12/8/96, Stephen Jenkins said:
<snip>My favorite vanity plate idea came from an offhand comment Hans Stuck
the team Audi rally/race driver said in response to allegations of the Audi
"sandbagging" in SCCA races. his response was (this is not a verbatim quote)
"there is no sandbagging, we drive BALLS OUT all the time!" Hence the plate
idea of "BLS OUT"<snip>
This brought back IMSA 89 memories of Hans hanging a doll in back of his GTS
90q because his rival for the chamionship was Wally Dallenbach (sp?) in the
Roush cougar...one of many funny moments watching this great driver who had a
wonderful sense of humor to match!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (no doll in back except when my daughter forgets hers)