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The BELT BROKE--almost

So it rained all night and into the morning. Got up, put some extra Rain-X 
on, sprayed a little belt stuff on my accident-prone alternator-belt, then 
got on highway 280, smiling at the confidence I have driving that sweet 4WD 
machine. Going around 75 (can't tell exactly, the speedo/odo work only 
intermittently and never in the rain) but I was at around 3000 RPM in 5th. 
Rain was coming down in sheets but sheeting right off the windshield. Life 
is good.

Then it happened. 10 minutes into my glorious commute, a warning buzzer went 
off and the amber yellow battery light glowed on. With horror, I looked over 
at the volt guage as it plummeted from 12 to 10 to 8. I got off the freeway 
to turn around and the ABS light came on. Due to traffic, it took half an 
hour to limp it back to Carlsen P-Audi. Wierd thing was- the gauge showed 
battery drain on acceleration. At stops, if I pumped the brake, the gauge 
would nose up and the battery light would go off. Every once in a while, 
just to add to the madness, the ABS light would go off then come back on.

If profanity was acceptable I would be screaming F*CK SH*T as loud as I was 
in the car right now. Here's the kicker. The BELT DIDN'T brake, though it's 
squealing. I think the alternator is toast, for sure.

I'm bracing for $300. Think that's too low? I'll let y'all know in a few 

200QTW '89 IN THE HOSPITAL. Driving Dad's kick-ass Volvo 940SE with same 
horsepower as Audi, lot more torque. ABS doesn't seem as good in the rain,